Publication Ethics

WJPN follows the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines in case of ethical misbehavior. This journal also follows the ICMJE guidelines.


WJPN only accepts the human being or animal studies that have been performed according to the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki.



Research and Publication Misconduct

The editorial team will quickly search for publication misconduct in a submitted manuscript;  Publication misconducts include: redundant (duplicate) publication, plagiarism, fraudulent or fabricated data, changes in authorship, undisclosed conflict of interest, etc.

The WJPN journal uses plagiarism software to evaluate the manuscripts. If any plagiarism is detected, the COPE guidelines related to plagiarism will be followed.

Authors should include information about sources of funding, potential conflicts of interest (financial or non-financial), informed consent or a statement on the welfare of animals if the research involved human participants or animals, respectively.

The authors should check "authors' guidelines" before submitting their articles. The documentations of compliance with ethical standards should be sent to the journal if requested by the editorial team.

The WJPN reserve the right to refuse manuscripts that fail to comply with the journal guidelines. The authors are responsible for failure to comply with the above-mentioned guidelines.