Aims and Scope

World Journal of Peri & Neonatology (WJPN) covers a broad range of periconceptional, perinatal, and postpartum issues; All issues in the perinatology related sciences are included in the scope of WJPN, although priorities of journal are the studies related to the health and illnesses affecting the fetus, newborns, infants and pediatric diseases with neonatal-onset or genetic origin.

This journal welcomes to publish clinical research articles, reviews, update articles, case reports, methodological notes, commentaries, editorials and letters to the editor in any subject related maternal health, neonatology and perinatology.

The WJPN audience includes obstetrics, neonatologist, perinatologist, anyone interested in maternal-fetal medicine, disease of neonates and also nurses of neonates.

Topics covered in the World Journal of Peri & Neonatology include:

a.      Perinatal Medicine

b.      Maternal and Neonatal Medicine

c.      Genetics and Biotechnology

d.      Nursing and Healthcare

e.      Developmental Medicine

f.       Endocrinology

g.      Allergy and Immunology

h.      Cardiology

i.       Gastroenterology

j.       Hematology

k.      Infectious Diseases

l.       Nephrology

m.     Neurology

n.      Emergency Medicine

o.      Pulmonology

p.      Critical Care Medicine

q.      Surgery